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Business Activity Monitoring


“BAM” is an acronym, created by the Gartner Group in 2002, for Business Activity Monitoring. This concept covers the mechanisms that provide real-time performance indicators on the business operations. In general, the implementation of these mechanisms is aimed at improving activities and increasing the speed and efficiency of the operations.

BAM provides frontline managers, almost in real time, with reliable measures concerning the execution of business processes. These measures enable them to make decisions quickly and to take any necessary corrective actions. In this way, BAM contributes to the quality of service, whether the activities are directed towards the enterprise’s internal or external clients.

Recommendations from Praxeme's perspective

BAM extends the business process modeling approach to reach operational excellence. See the Guide of the pragmatic aspect. The definition of indicators can be conducted in the form of the valorization model, inscribed in the intentional aspect. While waiting for its integration in the enterprise methodology, see the Performance Tree.


Master thesis by Thierry BIARD, masters in distributed information systems, Télécom Paris & ESSEC:
"Mise en place du Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) pour piloter les processus logistiques grâce aux échanges de données informatisés (EDI)". ("Implementation of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to pilot the logistics processes through electronic data interchange (EDI)")

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Page last modified on July 08, 2012, at 09:11 PM EST