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Modus, the method

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Opus, the product

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Thesaurus, the terminology

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Syllabus, the spreading

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Corpus, the library

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Focus, the objectives and the organization

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Chorus, the community

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Apparatus, the tooling

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Opera, the operations

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Join the Praxeme Institute!

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Get involved in governance

Show your interest in the methodology by subscribing to the Praxeme Institute and contribute to the initiative for the open method!

Why join?

Joining the Praxeme Institute enables you to benefit from the latest methodological developments, an insight into the latest thinking, Praxeme training opportunities… It also enables members to share experiences with each other.

For an enterprise or an organization, joining is also a sign:

  • internally, of a desire to push transformation practices, on a rigorous basis;
  • externally, of civic engagement and positive values, such as sharing and openness.

On a practical level, joining offers the possibility of:

  • influencing the activity of the Praxeme Institute through general meetings;
  • participating in the works on the Praxeme method through colleges and work groups;
  • accessing results of the works, as soon as possible, during the revision phases;
  • accessing material not yet publishable in its current state;
  • accessing preparatory training sessions organized during certain works;
  • taking advantage of Modeliosoft's offer.

Member enterprises can show their support for the initiative for an open method by requesting that their logo be published on the home page of the site.

How to subscribe?

  • Subscribe on line (individual membership only) : Join & pay.
  • Alternatively, please fill in and send the subscription form [ PDF? | DOC? ]

to the address indicated within, accompanied if required, by a check made payable to "Praxeme Institute". Choose the category to which you belong in the table below.

Category Conditions and advantages Fee
Individual Participation possible in all the works, on an individual basis; access to works underway; significant discount on the prices of events and courses. One vote at the annual general meeting. 50€
Academic institution Reserved for universities, competitive-entrance higher education establishments and research laboratories. Participation conditions as below. Free (see conditions below)
Enterprise with fewer than 50 employees One nominated official representative, one additional vote at the annual general meeting*. Ability to register as many members of staff as desired, each benefiting from the rights described in the paragraph “Individual”. A dedicated page with the enterprise logo on the official website of the association. 600.00 €
Enterprise with between 51 to 500 employees Same as above, with two nominated official representatives, and two additional votes at the annual general meeting. 1,200.00 €
Enterprise with more than 500 employees Same as above, with three nominated official representatives, and three additional votes at the annual general meeting. 2,400.00 €
 * More information to be found on the subscription form

Special membership conditions

Membership is free for university institutions (universities, schools and research laboratories): in exchange for a link to our site, published from their official web site.


To follow our work and be referenced as a practioner or supporter, follow instructions of the Stay Informed page.

Contact for membership-related questions

secretaire AT praxeme DOT org (remove the spaces, replace AT by "@", DOT by "."


The personal data collected is required for your subscription. All data is stored electronically and destined for use by the secretariat of the association. In application of the articles 39 onwards, from the amended Jan 6, 1978 act, you have a right of access and rectification to the data concerning you. If you would like to use this right and receive communication of the personal data relating to you, please send us an email to the address above.

Praxeme Institute

A non-profit association, pursuant to the French July 1901 law
SIRET 50436212000017

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