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Dominique Vauquier

Attach:Dominique.Vauquier-blazer.jpg Attach:MethModEA.png

Founder and main author of the method Praxeme


After a typical pathway in IT, Dominique specialized, little by little, in methodology, modeling and enterprise architecture. He combined operational missions with positions which enabled him to take the required step back to reflect on practices.

A little background

In 2003, he worked on an assistance mission in modeling from the SAGEM, Defense branch. This industrialist was preparing to overhaul the information system for the drone control stations (unmanned planes). As any good industrialist would, SAGEM first looked at the question of method. This mission led to the initial writing of the nine methodological guides.

With Dominique still itching to write, but not wanting to publish an umpteenth book, he came up with the idea of capitalizing on an open method. He submitted the idea to Philippe Desfray, with whom he had previously worked. The latter, an internationally-reputed methodologist, supported the idea. The initiative for an open method was born. Together, they wrote the white paper, outlining the premises.

Shortly afterwards, Jean-Michel Detavernier, at that time deputy IT director with SMABTP, was looking for a method to help manage his considerable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) overhaul project. The initiative for an open method appealed to him and he lent his support to it, providing communication skills and finance for the procedures linked to service-oriented architecture and design. Out of this experience came a book.

Dominique applied all or part of the method in different contexts, piloting modeling and design teams:

  • semantic model and derivation of the logical data model (LDM) for the pharmaceutical service provider Celesio;
  • “data subsidiary” for the DOAAT (Direction de l'Optimisation Amont Aval Trade) at EDF;
  • methodological transition (Azur-GMF, French army…)…

The Praxeme corpus has been enriched with contributions from:

  • the French army, for whom Dominique provides regular mentoring and who have supported the initiative since its outset;
  • the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales, to whom we owe the metamodel of the method…

In 2006, the Praxeme Institute, a non-profit association, pursuant to the French law of July 1, 1901, was founded to guarantee the spirit of openness of the initiative.


Dominique is currently enterprise architect within the Group IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture team at AXA group. In parallel, he continues to develop the method, providing advice and assistance regarding method and modeling. He is currently helping the RATP (Paris subway company) to model its network.

He is also an ISO expert (UML & terminology).

Method and practice: likes and dislikes in a nutshell

  • What he likes in method: creativity.
  • What he dislikes: procedure.
  • What he likes in practice: resilience that spurs creativity.
  • What he dislikes in practice: heaviness, slowness, the need for repetition and the obligation to resort to procedure.


  • Sustainable IT Architecture – The Progressive Way of Overhauling Information Systems with SOA, avec P. BONNET & JM DETAVERNIER, WILEY, 2009
  • Le Système d’information durable, mêmes auteurs, Hermes, 2007
  • Le Plan Qualité du logiciel et des services Internet, AFNOR éditions, 2003
  • Le Plan Qualité Logiciel, AFNOR éditions, 1997
  • La démarche orientée objet, Eyrolles, 1993
  • Many articles on methodology and modeling (site of the association) (blog in French) (blog in English)

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