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Praxeme Institute Wiki

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The golden principles for improving enterprises
while respecting society's fundamental values and interests

Formation certifiante

Attach:News/PxSkillsAgendaVisuel.png "Compétences Praxeme"

à Paris et Lausanne

Un panorama complet de la méthodologie de transformation d'entreprise. Tous les contenus actualisés sont présentés et accompagnés de tests des connaissances.

La formation se conclut par l'examen certifiant, de niveau "Fondation".

Pour en savoir plus

Business Architecture & Transformation

Attach:News/BATgrise200px.png BAT

in Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Amsterdam

The Praxeme Institute has developped a training session on the business architecture discipline.
The course answers the many questions raised today about this discipline and its role in enterprise transformation.
It also presents the enterprise methodology techniques that can be used to support business architecture.

For more information

Praxeme, an initiative for an open Method

The majority of enterprises and organizations are confronted with the same difficulties as far as design and management are concerned: whether we consider their functioning or transformation, their processes or information systems, it is the acknowledgement of the complexity that dominates and drives to despair, everywhere.

Rather than respond to these difficulties in a dissipated manner, with obviously limited means, several actors have joined forces, with a view to developing an open method. Praxeme results from this pooling of investments. It is an enterprise methodology that covers all aspects of the enterprise, from strategy to deployment. One can notably find procedures and methods for the design of organizations, and processes for semantic modeling (“business” knowledge), logical architecture and services design (SOA), etc.

The contributors think that the foremost quality of a method lies in its shareability. This is why Praxeme is an open method, built in a spirit of openness. Praxeme Institute is a non-profit association, pursuant to the French law of July 1, 1901 and is depository for the corpus, guarantor of its open nature and coordinator of the works. Its site publishes the components of the method.

For an introduction, please read:

Praxeme Institute's ecosystem
News & activities
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The Enterprise System Topology

The framework at the core of Praxeme

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